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Case Study: Abba Voyage

ABBA Voyage Production Goods Lift Installation:

The Overview:

  • Unknowingly at the time, this project was pitched (*see what we did there….?) to be a “one of a kind installation” set within a “one of a kind venue” for a “one of a kind performance” to provide huge assistance to a “one of a kind production team". Oh, and all completed within 12 weeks - over the Christmas Period of 2021......

The Introduction:


  • The project was gaining traction at considerable speed early on, which later made a great deal of sense, given the; urgency, the demanding time frame & the responsibility to which this lift installation held. This wasn't a Service Lift installation for a local restaurant, this felt like something much much bigger......

The Initial Discussions:


  • From our first initial conversations with Wonder Works, We understood in great detail our clients requirements and needs on this project. Filtered down requirements of an organisation who appeared to be "cash rich", but "time poor". lift for a very specific purpose. This was to transport specifically sized production equipment over 4 levels of the modular scaffold build.

The Design & Groundwork:


  • Working closely with Shorts Industries one of our main and trusted suppliers. Both sharing the pleasure of working alongside Wonder Works, an engineering design team who provide fluent results. Mixed with the unrivalled efforts of a power-house installation team from Yorkshire! We provided designs, drawings and calculations to the client in quick time, to ensure a proactive approach and ingrain confidence into our services, our product and most importantly, their production.

The Process:


  • Once we were awarded the project we signed off on a demanding programme of works which carried over the November / December period. With full installation works underway during the “Christmas Break". The schedule of works was very vital to the operation of the production and any delays would have direct adverse consequences on the preparation and even the opening date of the show! The pressure was on…….

The Grand Reveal:


  • Eventually we discovered who our main client was..... Our Client was ABBA (you know, the Swedish Pop Group From The 70’s)! ABBA Voyage being the much spoken about & much anticipated production show at the Olympic Park, East London. The show that has been "in the making" for the past 40 years! What an honour for us. A Local, Independent, Family Run Business to be at the forefront of such a memorable production.


The Product:

  • Due to the nature of the requirements, the usage and the specific dimensions. A fully bespoke designed 500kg BKG Goods Only Lift was the perfect companion for this production team. At 2600mm High, this lift car was no easy feast! Fitted with an integral drop bar to ensure full width opening clearance and 

The Installation:


  • Layered up, with flasks, hats & chocolate we battled through the heart of winter to produce, what can only be described as a “one of a kind” installation!


The Round-up


  • Delivered, Installed, Tested & Commissioned a whole week earlier than forecasted for our client (and, yes this single week made a huge difference). We provided them with, as we always endeavour to do


"The Best Solution For You

Not The Easiest Solution For Us"

IMG_0699.jpg (1).HEIC
Famous Tower Bridge in the evening, Lond

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