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Lift Car Emergency Telephones 

SafeLine GSM Auto Diallers

D.K Lift Services

SafeLine Group UK


D.K Lift Services, work as a proud Trade Partner with SafeLine Group UK, providing emergency phone solutions across the lift industry and end-users alike. 

Using the SafeLine product, we can guarantee the future proof and reliability of your Lift Car Telephone Solutions. 

- Design

- Supply 

- Installation

- After Installation Support

SafeLine MX3 Telephone
SafeLine MX3 Telephone Dimensions

SafeLine MX3 4G Telephone



The optimal lift safety solution for projects in need of easy modernisation

Product description


This version of the SafeLine MX3+ is intended for surface mounting, a quick mounting option with only two screws and features the uniform surface mount design in dark matter black, along with integrated pictograms and alarm button.

The MX3+ is probably the world's smallest lift telephone on the market today and is also the lift telephone system from SafeLine that requires the least amount of wiring possible. With just one unit necessary to fulfil EN 81-28, it is our most installation-friendly choice to date and is perfect for projects or buildings with limited, or very limited physical space.

Simply connect the MX3+ to a power source with the provided plug-and-play cables, mount the system with the supplied mounting bracket in the lift car and configure it easily with the SafeLine LYNX app. Easily add an additional voice station if needed (for instance car roof station) for a fuller system – all with just one unit in the car.

Combine the MX3+ with a SafeLine GL6 modular GSM unit for battery backup as well as full 4G VoLTE compatibility for up to nine MX3’s. 

SafeLine GL1 Telephone Guide

Mobile Application & Remote Monitoring

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SafeLine GL1 4G Telephone

The future-proof GSM module with a capacity of up to 4G VoLTE


The compact GSM module for connections up to 4G VoLTE with backward capability to 2G and 3G. Replaces the telephone line and can be placed in the machine room, the lift shaft or on the roof of the lift car. The GL1 is delivered in a robust metal housing with key holes for screw mounting which is done easily with the supplied two self-drilling screws, or alternatively mounted on the supplied DIN-rail.

The GL1 4G VoLTE has the capability to revert back to 3G & 2G should the 4G VoLTE signal become weak or lost, even during the middle of a call. Even if there is no 4G connectivity in your area as of right now*, you can still rely on the 2G and 3G connections until full 4G coverage is implemented. With this functionality at hand, the risk associated with low or lost signal reduces significantly, making 4G VoLTE an attractive and future-proof option.

An antenna with a three-meter cable is also supplied with the product, but is easily extended with the help of a 5- or 10-meter extension cable if reception is limited.

NOTE: network services may differ between countries and/or service providers. Please verify with your service provider beforehand that your subscription offers 4G VoLTE services. For more information about SafeLine’s 4G VoLTE products, please contact your local D.K Lift Services office.

SafeLine GL1 Telephone Range
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