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Service & Goods Lifts with D.K Lift Services

Service and Goods Lifts Installation & Repair Services in London, Essex and East Sussex

Requirements for Service Lifts, Goods Lifts, Installation, Breakdown or Maintenance?

D.K Lift Services are a leading provider of Service, Goods and dumbwaiter lifts in London, Kent and the South-East, specialising in the installation and maintenance of industry leading dumbwaiter and commercial goods lifts.

Service and Goods Lifts are the backbone to most multi-level restaurants, pubs, hotels and bars. London being the most populated area of the UK for these hospitality settings, you can rely on us to provide you with an incomparable level of knowledge and experience.

We work with BKG, as our choice of service and goods lift installation. A widely recognised premium German brand in the Service and Goods lift industry.


This brand is of the highest quality and arguably, the world’s most popular Service & Goods Lift solution. 

Service and Goods Lifts

We work with BKG


BKG carries the strong heritage of German engineering and is highly regarded as the most reliable, intuitively designed and user focused Service Lift on the market. 

From a 50kg Service Lift including dumbwaiters to a 500kg Commercial Goods Lift, we are sure to have a solution for your installation requirements. Working with Shorts Industries, we provide our clients with an array of robust BKG products. 

The extensive range of Goods and Service lifts available, are certain to meet both your requirements and your specific needs, whilst also having the option to keep the installation as personal as is required. We continue to enforce our strong and honest work ethos with all our lift maintenance and installations. This combined with our passion to deliver a high level of personal service to all our clients, is the reason our clients keep coming back to us. Look at our Client Testimonials.

Whether you are looking to have a dumbwaiter lift installed in your restaurant in London, or a commercial goods lift to aid deliveries at your London or UK warehouse, D.K Lift Services have got you covered.

Want to find out how much a dumbwaiter lift costs? Then get in touch to discuss your UK lift service requirements today.

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Contact Us Today for Lift Installations & Repairs

From bespoke design installations to the highest quality of repairs, D.K Lift Services Ltd will exceed your expectations for all your lift and disabled access needs.


To enquire about our products and services, please give us a call on  0203 633 8129 and one of our friendly team members will be happy to help.

Service and Goods Lifts Motor
Service and Goods Lifts



Working with our German Supplier BKG, to provide you with the most reliable, most robust and most "fit for purpose" Service & Goods Lifts on the market, including dumbwaiters and commercial goods lifts.

  • Carrying out all aspect of design, manufacturing & installation 

  • "Advantage" stock lifts can be installed in as little as 7 days

  • Providing drawings and approval for all architectural projects

  • Highly skilled, fully qualified and efficient installation teams

  • Providing installation of projects from 50kg - 2000kg

  • Traction / Chain driven lifts.

  • "Low Headroom" & "Bespoke" ranges available

Modernisation & Upgrades


Only using manufacturer supplied or approved equipment, we specialise in:

  • Upgrading motor & gear units 

  • Microlift motor and gear repairs

  • Microlift brake unit replacements

  • In car food warmers - (Using either a heated shelf solution, or, a powerful "overhead heater" 

  • Audible and visual, lift-at-floor indicators

  • Replacement and strengthened bi-parting landing shutters

  • Post insurance inspection and upgrade recommendations

  • Full industrial shaft clean and disinfect tasks 

  • Adding or removing an existing floor level

  • Adapting existing installations including installing a secondary opening to the shaft walls

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Our Service Promise

✓  Hassle Free Professional Service

✓  Competitive Rates On Our Range Of UK Leading Products

✓  Honest Approach, With No Hidden Costs


✓  Free Survey 

✓  Installation of Through Floor & Home Lifts in as little as 6 weeks from point of order

✓  Highly experienced surveyor's, designers & installers to ensure you are receiving the complete level of service you would expect.

✓  Unique personal service, ensuring we are working with you, not for you

Service and Goods Lifts
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