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Introducing our range of Cabin Lifts

Our Cabin Lifts are an ideal access solution for both public and private buildings.

Our Cabin lifts have the same benefits as traditional platform lifts with low pits and headroom's and in addition, all the characteristics of a conventional passenger lift including sliding doors and one touch controls.

Introducing low pit requirements of 150mm. 

Cabin Lift
Cabin Lift

DDA Compliance


Adhering to the Machinery Directive These low speed lifts travel at 0.15mps, ideal for a huge range of settings, from DDA compliance to commercial high usage applications. Requirements of only 240v single phase 16amp supply, even furthers the versatility of these products.

These low pit lifts are used in a variety of building applications including public and private housing, retail stores, offices, schools and public access.

These lifts can be customised with a range of finishes and options enabling the lift to complement your building interior. Lifts such as these are becoming increasingly popular, with both minimal builders work and ease of installation, ensure effortless integration into any building. 

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Cabin Lift

Benefits of Cabin Lifts

✓  Aesthetically a traditional passenger lift, with sliding door and "one touch controls".

✓  Compact shaft size with a choice of car sizes and entrance configurations with low pit and headroom requirements.

✓  Automatic sliding landing doors do not encroach into the space in front of a lift making it an ideal solution where space is limited and ensuring ease of entrance/exit for users.


✓  Two panel side opening car doors with full height light curtain protection ensures the lift exceeds regulations and offers the highest safety standards.

✓  Fully automatic cabin controls for intuitive use.

✓  Low running and maintenance costs.

✓  Choice of finishes or branding to complement any building design and to make your lift as unique as your project.