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In today’s busy care environments, ceiling lift solutions now set the benchmark for excellence in patient handling efficiency. The Arjo Maxi Sky is a great example of this. 

Our Maxi Sky 2 ceiling lift series delivers a complete and intuitive  patient handling solution suitable for both long-term and acute care environments, assisting you in safeguarding the wellbeing of caregivers, patients and residents.

Track Ceiling Hoist
Track Ceiling Hoist

Flexible Configuration & Options


Combined with the Arjo KWIKtrak™ configuration and flexible layout options, the ceiling lift ensures ergonomic patient handling and is an option readily available. A ceiling lift solution can help you minimise the risks associated with manual working techniques, boosting your working efficiency. 

To see how the Arjo ceiling hoist can help you today, or book a free site visit to assess your needs and requirements, make an enquiry below. 

In today’s busy care environments, ceiling hoist solutions now set the benchmark for excellence in patient handling efficiency.

Studies show that just over 75% of caregivers prefer ceiling hoists over other solutions for patient transfers and handling. In some facilities, a significant 70% reduction of injury and compensation claims have been recorded following the introduction of a ceiling hoist.

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Take your Patient Handling Capabilities to a New Level

  • Promote a patient handling culture of best practice.

  • Save time in the transfer of dependent residents without compromising safety.

  • Support an efficient ceiling hoist cleaning and disinfection process.

  • Modular components, means the system’s installation procedure is fast and with minimal disruption to your environment, ensuring a proactive and efficient installation solution.

  • Installation, commission and weight testing can take as little as 4 hours to complete.

  • Switch and secure spreader bars in just three simple steps using Quick Connect, the intuitive spreader bar attachment system.

  • Once your patient is safely secured, the Dynamic Positioning System (DPS) or Powered DPS ensures the positioning and turning of your patient or resident can be effortless and precise.