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Home Lifts for Disabled and Elderly with
D.K Lift Services

Trusted Providers of Home Lift Solutions

Trusted & Verified Home Lift Providers


We are a leading provider of Through-Floor Home Lift & Cabin Lift services in London, Kent and the South-East. Specialising in the installation and repair of industry leading Home Lift products. 

Lifts Designed Especially For Your Home

Through-Floor Home Lifts & Cabin Lifts are designed to, and succeed in, bridging the gap between the ease of installation and convenience of regained independence , whilst retaining much of the functionality of in-home passenger carrying lifts. 

Both Through-Floor & Platform Lifts, are designed without the use of a lift shaft, meaning that these lifts do not take up too much space in your home. Our Cabin Lifts, will require a building shaft construction prior to installation. 

Our range of products provide a popular selection for Occupational Therapists, carers, and other healthcare professionals, as well as people who just want to future-proof their homes.

Styles of lifts will vary, please see our overview below.


Our Promise to You


We continue to enforce our strong and honest work ethos with all our lift repairs and installations. This combined with our passion to deliver a high level of personal service to all of our clients, is the reason our clients keep coming back to us. Take a look at our Client Testimonials.

The installation of a Through-Floor Home Lift, will inevitably require an element of fore-thought, and preparation. Although, the majority of our clients, past and present, are very surprised and pleased at how simple the process is going to be.

Here at D.K Lift Services, we will guide you through every step of the process and provide you with honest & informed information to help you make the correct and most suitable decision, for you.


Sophisticated Home Lifts


D.K Lift Services aim to make home-lifts part of people's everyday lives.

We believe that the definition of a modern home will change – that modern homes and contemporary living will include home lifts. Our journey started 20 years ago, with the simple idea of improving mobility everywhere. Today, D.K Lift Services can be found in various Homes & Public Buildings throughout the UK

In-Home Cabin Lifts

Have a need for a lift, with the additional requirement of style and luxury?

Our Cabin Lifts are an ideal access solution for both public and private buildings.

Our Cabin lifts have the same benefits as traditional platform lifts with low pits and headroom's and in addition, all the characteristics of a conventional passenger lift including sliding doors and one touch controls.


Introducing low pit requirements of 150mm. 


Adhering to the Machinery Directive These low speed lifts travel at 0.15mps, ideal for a huge range of settings, from DDA compliance to commercial high usage applications.

Electrical requirements of only 240v single phase 16amp supply, even furthers the versatility of these products.

These low pit lifts are used in a variety of building applications including public and private housing, retail stores, offices, schools and public access.

Through-Floor Home Lifts


These lifts are designed with practicality and functionality in-mind. These are versatile lifts, provided in an array of different size layout, to ensure the best solution for you. 

Designed for both seated (built in fold down seat provided as standard), and, wheelchair users alike. 

Smart and attractive designs to elegantly and seamlessly bled in with your existing interiors. 

Allowing accessibility between 2 levels (most commonly used to interconnect a lounge area, with an upstairs bedroom.)

Installations completed in as little as 2 days, with no requirement for a pit & minimal disruption with building works.

Famous Tower Bridge in the evening, Lond

Contact Us Today for Lift Installations & Repairs

From bespoke design installations to the highest quality of repairs, D.K Lift Services Ltd will exceed your expectations for all your lift and disabled access needs.


To enquire about our products and services, please give us a call on  0203 633 8129 and one of our friendly team members will be happy to help.


Our D.K Service Promise

✓  Hassle Free Professional Service

✓  Competitive Rates On Our Range Of UK Leading Products

✓  Honest Approach, With No Hidden Costs


✓  Free Survey 

✓  Installation of Through Floor & Home Lifts in as little as 6 weeks from point of order

✓  Highly experienced surveyor's, designers & installers to ensure you are receiving the complete level of service you would expect.

✓  Unique personal service, ensuring we are working with you, not for you

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