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Platform Goods Lifts with D.K Lift Services

Platform Lifts Installation & Repair Services

We Are A Trusted Provider of Platform Lift Solutions


At D.K Lift Services we offer Platform lift Installation and repairs in the Kent and Bexley Heath areas including cabin platform lifts and platform stair lifts.

It's a legal requirement for all public buildings to offer equal access for persons with impaired mobility such as disabled platform lifts. However, it's also important to find the right solution. Here at D.K Lift Services a leading platform lift company we really do understand the importance of both aesthetics and reliability with our cabin, disabled and platform stair lifts! 

Previously working with various manufacturers throughout the world, we have now found that exact balance of aesthetics and reliability, without the need for compromise in either area!  

Introducing the C2000.... This is the most revolutionary platform lift on the market. Providing the required sleek access solution for disabled access requirements.

Offering comfortable, secure travel up to 6 floors, working seamlessly within the interior of a private residence, or a public access environment. 

Fully enclosed within its own self-supporting enclosure which eliminates the requirement for its own lift shaft. This product’s popularity is increasing in buildings where conventional passenger lifts are impractical. 

The C2000 platform lift is constructed, tested and approved to comply with European Machinery Directives 2006/42/EC and Swedish standard SS2097 -7 full stop.

Fully compliant with Part M Building Regulations and designed to meet the requirements of BS 6440, ISO 938 6-1 and EN 81-41.

Platform Lift Spec
Platform Lift
Platform Lift Spec
Platform Lift Spec
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Contact Us Today for Lift Installations & Repairs

From bespoke design installations to the highest quality of repairs, D.K Lift Services Ltd will exceed your expectations for all your lift and disabled access needs.


To enquire about our products and services, please give us a call on  0203 633 8129 and one of our friendly team members will be happy to help.

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Our D.K Service Promise

When installing or repairing cabin, disabled or platform stair lifts in and around Kent and Bexleyheath we promise: 


✓  Hassle Free Professional Service

✓  Competitive Rates On Our Range Of UK Leading Products

✓  Honest Approach, With No Hidden Costs


✓  Free Survey 

✓  Installation of Through Floor & Home Lifts in as little as 6 weeks from point of order

✓  Highly experienced surveyor's, designers & installers to ensure you are receiving the complete level of service you would expect.

✓  Unique personal service, ensuring we are working with you, not for you

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